Gantha held its monthly meeting today, 17 April, 2021. The meeting took place in two segments, first a celebration of Pohela Boishakh followed by a celebration of Gantha’s very own Jharna Rahman on receiving the Anannya Shahitya Puroskar 1427 .

The program started with the recitation of the poem আজিহতে শতবর্ষ পরে by Masrufa Ayesha Nusrat. Ahmed Akhtari Maya, a guest, sang এসো হে বৈশাখ to welcome the new year. This was followed by Afroza Parveen reciting two of her own poems. Next, Sauda Akhtar talked about Boishakh celebration in the 60s and70s. After that Marzia Rahman read a prose poem titled “This year”.

The second segment, a reception to Jharna Rahman, started with a talk by Afroza Parveen on Jharna Rahman’s life and work. Niaz Zaman congratulated Jharna Rahman for receiving Ananya Shahitya Puroskar and Writers’ Club Award 2020, which she got for the book AynaMami, a collection of short stories of the Liberation War. Masrufa read her translation of Jharna Rahman’s short story “The Wise Woman and the Magic Mirror”. Jackie Kabir then read her translation of the short story বীনা ভসম which she has entitled “Ashes of Veena”. Both the stories were from the anthology “Dawn of the Waning Moon,” edited by Niaz Zaman. The program ended with Jharna Rahman singing, “শুভ দিন নিয়ে এসো শুভ নববর্ষ

মুছে দাও করোনার বিষাক্ত স্পর্শ” a song on Pohela Boishakh, written and set to music by herself.


Meeting Video(Record):