Dear Friends,  

I am sending the  Meet link for our next Gantha meeting to be held on July 17th, 2021, Saturday from 5-7 in the evening. The University of Dhaka is celebrating its 100 years, so we will be talking about some eminent DU alumnae scholars.  

Here is the link to the meeting: https://meet.google.com/qvf-zdbj-uqy?authuser=0

Our tentative program schedule is as follows:

1. Afroza Parveen will talk about the works and life of Fazilattunnessa. 14 mins.

2. Razia Sultana Khan will talk about Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir. 14 mins.

3. Hosne Ara Shahed will talk about Akhtar Imam for 14 mins.

4. Marzia Rahman will talk about Sanjida Khatun for 14 mins.

5.Parveen Rahman will talk about Sayeeda Khanon for 14 mins.

6. Niaz Zaman will talk about Nadera Begum. 14 mins.

Jackie Kabir will conduct the program.

Hope to see you soon!