Dear friends,

Hope this keeps you well. As agreed in our previous Gantha session, our next event will be held on 19th June, Saturday from 5-7 in the evening. We’ve decided to arrange our program on the theme of “borsha” or monsoon. We can still accommodate 1/2 more persons. Please note, every participant will have only 10 minutes for their rendition. Here is a tentative list of the people who have agreed or shown interest to participate:

1.       Jharna Rahman (speak on the music of borsha)

2.       Dr. Nusrat Mumtaz Ruposhi (12 minute violin composition on borsha) 

3.       Nurquamrun Nahar ( discussion on monsoon in Bangla poetry)

4.       Aysa Jhorna (self-written Bangla poem)

5.       Tasneem Hossain (self-written English poem)

6.       Marzia Rahman (her translation of Mohadev Shah’s poetry on rain)

7.       Afroza Parveen (“Abhishar” by Tagore)

8.       Parveen Rahman ( an article by Shourbh Chakraborty –“ Baishe Shrabon, Notun Praner Abahon  Tithi” )

9.       Jackie Kabir ( her short story – “Silent Noise”)

10.   We can accommodate one/two more persons….if anyone is interested plz email me as soon as possible (what about a song–Tagore/ Nazrul geeti ?)

Thanks everyone.

This program is organized by Masrufa. I thank Masrufa for her effort.

best regards.