Report on Gantha meeting held on 23 October 2021

The monthly meeting of 23 October 2021commenced at 4.00 p.m. as scheduled and ended at 6.00 p.m. The meeting was conducted by Tasneem Hossain

The meeting started with a one minute silence for the deceased poet, academician, litterateur and translator Farida Majid, an active member of Gantha and all those departed souls who have passed away in the recent communal violence in Bangladesh.

The meeting consisted of two sessions.


Five papers were presented by five Gantha members.

Niaz Zaman apa talked about Women Writers of Dhumketu.

Marzia Rahman presented her work on Shamsun Nahar Mahmud.

Afroza Parveen discussed her work on Shahid Meherunnessa.

Jesmina Shanta gave presentation on Razia Khan Amin and

Aysha Jhorna  talked about her work on Suraiya Khanom.


The second session was a discussion and feedback on the above presentations where the members gave their constructive criticism and feedback. The session was very productive.

The meeting concluded with a decision to hold the next meeting on 20 November 2021. The session will be presentations by Gantha members on their original pieces of work.

Jackie Kabir volunteered to conduct the session.

List of attendees:

Gantha Members                                                                     Guests

  1. NiazZaman                                                                  1. NamitaSarker
  2. Afroza Parveen                                                          2.Noora Bahar
  3. Razia Sultana Khan
  4. Jackie Kabir
  5. Aysha Jhorna
  6. Marzia Rahman
  7. Jesmina Shanta Aksad
  8. Masrufa Ayesha Nusrat
  9. Tasneem Hossain

Report prepared by Tasneem Hossain