Gantha September21st Virtual Meeting

The Gantha meeting on September 21, 2023, was held online from 4.00 p.m. to5 p.m. The meeting was conducted by Marzia Rahman. It was a short but fruitful programme which included members talking about their recently published books.

Jharna Rahman spoke first on her book, a collection of short stories, titled “যখন ঋতপদ্দ খুন হলো”. The book contains twenty-one stories, many of which are allegorical, and many are written in the style of myth and fairytales. Rahman discussed the nature of allegorical stories and narrated her titular story which is about climate change but portrays a fight between a pond and its water.

Afroza Parveen spoke next about her book, Bishwa Shahitey Baish Dikpal. The book features twenty-two renowned writers, mostly women, in world literature. The book presents not only the writers’ literary work and journey, but also their personal lives, which makes it an interesting read. Parveen talked about a few women writers: Alice Munro, Emily Dickenson, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Tony Morrison. 

Nurquamrun Nahar was the last speaker who discussed her book, Bagher Achar. Bagher Achor is also a collection of short stories about women’s plight in society. Although Nahar was traveling during the programme, she kindly joined us and shared two of her short stories, Bagher Achar and Nari Bari O Montri Mohadoi.

The date of the next meeting was fixed on October 19th.  The members have decided to celebrate Sarat in the next meeting. Jharna Rahman, Nurquamrun Nahar have volunteered to speak on the occasion.

List of attendees in September Meeting:

  1. Niaz Zaman
  2. Jharna Rahman
  3. Afroza Parveen
  4. Nurquamrun Nahar
  5. Jackie Kabir
  6. Nasreen Kabir
  7. Marzia Rahman
  8. Nigar Sultana

The photo is attached herein: