Gantha August, 23 Meeting

Gantha had its August, 23 meeting at Rolls Express on 17th at 4 pm. There were 10 participants. Jharna Rahman was present at the meeting and read a story she translated Daughter Number 8 by Farista Ghani, a Pashto writer. Marzia Rahman discussed her bookDot and other Stories and she explained how she wrote the flashes with prompts from photographs taken by Aritra Sanyal from Kolkata. The book was published by Antonym. One of her flashes from the book got the best micro fiction award. Jackie Kabir edited a literary translation magazine titled Juktaswarvol 3, year 2 and she read excerpt from the story Nayanchara by Syed Walliullah. Jennifer Haque is a translator and she translated a story by Hasan Azizul Haque and she also read an excerpt from the story. Famous writers Mojjafor Hossain and Mauli Azad was present at the meeting as guests. Mojjafor Hossain invited the Gantha members to join The Translation Foundation and talked about their activities. The members who were present at the meeting were: Razia Sultana Khan, Nasreen Kabir, Mauli Azad, Jharna Rahman, Mojjafor Hossain, Jobaira Biswas, Jennifer Haque, Nigar Sultana, Marzia Rahman and Jackie Kabir. The program was conducted by Razia Sultana Khan.