Gantha January 27th Meeting

The Gantha meeting on January 27th (Saturday) 2024, was held in Elysium Café, Gulshan. Only a few members were able to attend,but the meeting was productive. The members discussed a number of important issues.

It was decided that future meetings will alternatively be held between Dhanmondi and Banani/Gulshan. It will be easier if members who live in Dhanmondi suggest the Dhanmondi venue.

There was an important announcement madeat the meeting. That we will start working on the English edition of the women’s writers’ project. The manuscript of the Bangla editionwas submitted to Panjeree last year. Hopefully, the book titled Atit ThekeAdhuna will be out soon. Niaz madam already sent an email on this regard; please look into the mail for further details.

The next meeting will be held on February 17th (Saturday).The members have decided to honour our Gantha member, Afroza Parveen, for receiving Ananya Literary Award and Bangla Academy Award for her writings on Liberation War. I will send a separate invitationemail shortly.

In March, we will hold an iftar-meeting in Golf Club, and we will celebrate PohelaBaishakh in April.

On another note.As we begin 2024, it’s time to collect the annual membership fee. Members are requested to send moneyviaBkash. Please mention your name when you send the money. This is my Bkash account: 0171-3016108. If you don’t have a Bkash account, the money can be collected in the next meeting as well.

List of attendees inJanuary Meeting:

  1. Niaz Zaman
  2. Razia Sultana Khan
  3. Sauda Akhter
  4. Jackie Kabir
  5. Nasreen Kabir
  6. Marzia Rahman