Dear Friends

Eid Mubarok! I am reminding you of the May meeting on Friday, 21st May, at 5 pm. I am sending you the program schedule. Since no one volunteered to participate I had to request everyone, hopefully next time you will all own up. Here I want to thank Masrufa for inviting some new members and  Niaz Apa for inviting Khilkhil Kazi as a speaker. 

We are celebrating Nazrul and Rabindranath together as is the ritual in Gantha. 

Nahid Kaiser will talk about Kadombini and Tagore.

Jharna Rahman will sing a Tagore song.

Masrufa will  recite a poem.

Nurun will read from Tagore.

Maleka Begum will talk about Rabindranaths’s role on social equilibrium and gender.

Parveen Rahman (new) will recite a poem.

Khilkhil Kazi will give a talk on Kazi Nazril Islam, her grand dad.   

Niaz Zaman will talk about translating Nazrul. She has translated or co-translated all three of his novels,    

Jackie Kabir will sing a Nazrul song.

Each speaker will have no more than 10 minutes. Please note the time, so that everyone has the time to perform.

Best wishes.